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Delightful children’s stories that will take you on magical journeys:

The Witches From The Hinterland And Other Stories Going through the backyard gate can lead to unexpected and amazing adventures.
Trees and birds and other magical critters tell their stories.
Trains and cars take on a life of their own.
Experience an earthquake and a hurricane on the island of Jamaica.

These and other stories await you.

Part of the profits from the sale of this book will be donated to Zambian Outreach towards building a clinic in Lusaka the country’s capital.

ISBN 978-0-646-58978-7 
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Life Love and Laughter

Reflections This is a collection of stories and poems put together from the rich imagination and life experiences of individual authors within the Beerwah Writers Group. Some stories hold enchantment, some laughter, and some have a passion that lingers long after the last page is closed.

Each person reading this anthology will learn something new; carry something with them as they leave the pages, whether it’s the pain of drought, or the heart of a Gypsy, coal from the sea, or a puppy vigilantly gathering his newspapers.

Too infinite to mention is the laughter, joy, and wisdom so skillfully captured within these pages.

ISBN 978-0-646-52435-1
Copies available for $5.00 plus P&P by phoning Kerry Gillam (07)54930650


Tapestry This inaugural Beerwah Writers’ Group publication presents a wide range of poetry, prose, and music, including fiction and non-fiction.

From the light and humorous, through insightful and compassionate to the darkly dangerous, our members, who include emerging and professional writers, explore the human condition from within their individual responses to life.

ISBN 978-0-646-52435-1
Copies available for $5.00 plus P&P by phoning Kerry Gillam (07)54930650

Martin Pedder


Martin was born in 1933 and raised in England. He became a computer engineer and moved with his family to Australia in 1968. He worked as a Spacetrack technician for a year before joining AWA in Sydney. He worked for AWA for 11 years, during which time he became a story-teller.
Martin and Doris moved to Maleny in 1997, becoming a relieving teller for a major bank. He continued to tell his story, and was often advised to make a book of it, which he did in 2009.
Another book is in (slow) production.


Pontius Pilate gives his account of his origin and family,
of his training and career,
of his tasks and travels,
of his meetings with famous men,
of his wife and child,
of the prophecies that he heard,
of his problems in Judea,
of his retirement in Gaul,
amid momentous happenings in his world.


  • Hekiah
  • Mordechai
  • Simon of Cyrene
  • The Palm Tree
  • Stentor


The Royal Craftsman

John Wright


Tells the story of two people who took the opportunity to travel the highways and byways of Eastern Australia for several years, living as closely as possible in this modern age to the nomadic Gypsy lifestyle, while doing so bringing the rich cultural heritage of the landless Romani to a wide variety of non-Romani people. Kate, the Gypsy Storyteller, and her shadow, John returned to the road after years of living in towns and cities. They traveled in a motorized version of the old style Vardo, towing a small version of the popular Bowtop caravan. Here is a story of joy and heartache; of elation and despair; of new friends and new enemies; of discrimination and acceptance; from the bitter winter winds of South Australia to the tropical climate of North Queensland. An eye-opening account of one woman’s adventurous survival experiences in the multicultural society of modern Australia.

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Other Books by John Wright for Children

These books have laminated covers and are comb-bound for easy opening, making them durable and child-friendly.


There are many types of Honeyeater,
Most of whom have a rough, raucous voice.
One type is called a Singing Honeyeater
Because his song is sweeter.
Simon is an example of this.

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John Wright, in his travels, paused one day at Bunyip’s Crossing,
where he met Walter Wombat for the first time.
They became good friends and John visits Walter, his wife,
His family, and all his bushland neighbors,
Learning about their lifestyle and philosophy.

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Harry is an example of the hedgehogs found all over Europe and Asia.
Romani children often keep them as pets because
Hedgehogs usually don’t run away – they mostly stay close to a supply of food.
The nicer the food the closer they stay.

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Kate Wright


‘A good story is like an iceberg, only the tip is visible, the layers underneath have to be discovered. A good story is like an iceberg, only the tip is visible, the layers underneath have to be discovered’ – Ernest Hemingway.

‘Tales from the Gypsy Campfire’ are stories learned by the author in her childhood when she sat at her Grandmother’s yog. Growing up in two cultures – the gadje army and the Romani family – she learned early how to divide the two so that she could survive in both, slipping between them with effortless ease. Trained as a storyteller in her Gypsy life, she also qualified as a Master Storyteller in the gadje world. Then, as a mature student, she attained a Diploma in Public Administration and an Honours Degree in Communication, majoring in Philosophy of Culture and Writing. On leaving University, she and her husband, an industrial chemist, and teacher, traveled the roads of Australia in two traditionally decorated vardos. They had a double mission – to tell the stories to the Australian gadje and to research the attitudes of Australians to the Gypsy people, the first of whom arrived with the First Fleet, some as convicts, others as seamen.

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The Rabbit’s Free

‘It’s hard to buy food at the shop
Move on, move on, Gypsy don’t stop.’

‘Catch your food as best you can,
On the heath – the rabbit’s free to man.’

Unless the gavver sees you there
Then it’s stealing – you’re before the beak.
The gadje’s killed the countryside –
Grass verges gone with sprays so strong
The grai replaced – by the ruthless car
The rivers all have lost their fish
No more a tasty fresh caught dish
The days are past when we lived in peace
The woods are stripped, the byways gone.
With the concrete jungle of the gadje life
They warmed the world, now they’re in strife
They’ll need our skills in years to come
So we the Gypsy must travel on.

But in this book
We’ll pause a while and make a meal
From food we caught we didn’t steal.

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Told in an easy style, this book addresses the integration and assimilation and tells how the Gypsies cope with Australian cultural attitudes as only a vibrant and resilient people can. It also answers many cross-cultural questions and describes how the Gypsies’ attitudes, moral values and self-respect have been maintained in this country since their arrival.

Kate tells of the little-known history and culture of Gypsies in Australia, from the First Fleet to the present day. Drawing on the oral history of the Romani, and the written word of the non-Gypsies, her own cultural heritage and almost five years of recent itinerant research, she reveals how this maligned, landless, ethnic nation has brought the best of their culture to share with their neighbours.
There is no doubt that Gypsies have impacted on Australia, its commerce, its politics, its language and its life styles. They provided our first links with indigenous people, produced the first palatable Australian beer and the first native-born State Premier.

They brought their agricultural, health care and secondary industrial skills and offered a wide variety of services to our developing community.

They continue to do so to this present day – as Your Neighbours!
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Basil Smith, Punch and Judy Professor, Gypsy, Raconteur, Prison Warder, Carver of Puppets and Maker of Wagons.

This brilliant and talented man has told the stories of his past to author Kate Wright.

We follow his life, from the village of Eston in Captain Cook’s country, where he was born, through his life as a child when he shot his brother. He then leads us through his years in the shipyards as a cabinet-maker, to the time he becomes a Prison Warder. He did this in the hopes of bettering the lot of the Gypsies in prisons to find in the thirteen years he worked in the English prisons only five gypsies incarcerated for major crime. His life became more turbulent when he migrated with his wife and young daughters to Australia. After his divorce he wandered as an outcast, before his second marriage and return to the fold. Now living in Tasmania he still makes puppets and wagons and continues to perform regularly.

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